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Pisces: DREAM (The Two Fish)
February 20-March 20
Those whose concern for the good of all impels them to become emotionally involved with those in need display the empathetic, dreamy and compassionate personality of the sign Pisces. They can see and feel the interconnectedness of all things on an intuitive and psychic level. 


Description: Astrology Line Gold Vermeil 14 k. Necklace
Dimension: 1 1/4” (3.1 cm) W x 1 1/4” (3.1 cm) H
Weight: 16 g.
Metal: 14K Gold Plate Over Bronze, 18” Round Cable Chain 060, Lobster Lock #02


Note: We do our best to show the exact color of the pieces online, however, they are unique pieces made by hand, and the antiqued and oxidized vermeil on each may vary very slightly in color and finish.

Astrology Necklace - PISCES

SKU: VNC00267

If you would like your own unique piece tailored to your personality and energy, please contact Amy's studio for your bespoke piece.

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