New Moon Necklace
The Moon represents the mother and feminine principle in many traditions. A crescent moon is a symbol of transition and transformation as the moon moves through its cycles. The energy of the moon is intuitive, clairvoyant, nurturing, mysterious, deep, subtle and psychic. Wear this symbol of the crescent moon to state your universal intention to use your intuition, to simply go with what you feel and to know that to do this is for your greater good. The moonstone will enhance your intention.

Description: 14K Gold Plate Over Bronze with Rainbow Moonstone 5 mm.
Dimension: 2.32 w X 3.35 h (cm) 
Weight: 7.40 g. 
Metal: 14K Gold Plate Over Bronze, 18” Bead Ball Chain 060, Lobster Lock Lobster Lock #02



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