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Snake Necklace
The snake is one of the most widely used symbols because it embodies so many forces and traits. Snake jewelry has been worn since ancient times. Each era and part of the world seems to attribute its own symbolic meaning to this intriguing animal; eternal love, healing, fertility, wisdom and even immortality. 

In early Egyptian society it was the symbol of royalty and deity \and the Romans regarded the snake as a symbol of everlasting love. In parts of Africa the snake is a symbol of inner strength, energy, and spiritual power, and were thought to be the messengers of the ancestor. In some Native American tribes the snake was a symbol of thunder and lightning, and was responsible for bringing the rain that nourished the earth and ensured a good harvest.

Description: Turquoise or Smokey Quartz centerpiece, 22" snake chain (choice) 
Dimension: 1.5" high, 1" wide 
Metal: 14k Gold over Bronze
Clasp Lock



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